About / 关于

A programmer, a photographer, and a daydreamer. Currently a frontend engineer at alimama.com.


Work / 我的作品

All of my public code is available at Github.

Besides programming, I’d like to take photographies of Hangzhou or any other places that I’ve got a chance to travel to. You may find them at 500px for serious work and [VSCO][vsco] for casual shooting with iPhone.


History / 故纸堆

Besides current version, I’ve done a few versions of cyj.me before. You may find these contents boring if you don’t understand any Chinese.

  • 2012 is a Octopress build,
  • 2011 is a static mirror of my Stacey app, and
  • 2008 is a Emacs Muse build.


  • 2012 是我曾经的博客;
  • 2011 是我曾经的主页;
  • 2008 是我初入计算机世界的主页。