About, Chen Yangjian




2004 年来到杭州求学,毕业之后没有返乡。码农,喜欢画画、按快门、弹吉他、看纸质小说等各种扮文青行径。 “志趣广博”,但一上场便露馅,乒乓球、台球、足球、篮球都会打(踢)一点;“博闻强识”, 例如 PHP、Perl、Python 等 P 字辈编程语言都写过不少,但面试官一问起,便支支吾吾辨不清个所以然。

如果你对我感兴趣,不妨也围观下我的博客,或者我的快门集, 甚至是我的代码们。当然,我在网络上的坑还有很多,狡兔三窟嘛。

Chen Yangjian is an IT practitioner in Hangzhou. He graduated from Zhejiang University in 2008 and have been working as several roles in IT industry since then. Developed a blog system in PHP, scripted lots of Perl, wrote some SQL and PL/SQL, designed a few reports using both Actuate and iReport, programmed a lot Java to deal with FTP/Excel etc., and have been developing Python for a while.

Currently he is occupied as a Flex developer of stastestreet.com.

In the mean time, Yangjian has been learning acoustic guitar and painting on and off. There will be some work shown here too.

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